How to keep a Toddler quiet during a live performance

15 July 2019

London's vibrant theatre scene is for all ages and even includes the odd show for babies, yes babies!

You’re most likely thinking is it even possible to keep a young child quiet during a live performance? It may be difficult, but if you prepare for these moments you can make it a pleasant experience. When you are consistent you can train your child to know when they need to be quiet.

So, we’ve put together a few things to do and prepare before you bring your kids to theatre to help them stay quiet:

  • Prepare

Prepare your toddler before you leave for the theatre. This can consist of a nice talk in the car/train on the way to your destination. Remind them of what is going to happen and how you expect them to behave, not to make a mess with their snacks and to be polite to those around them. Lots of praise for great behaviour works wonders!

  • Pack

Bring drinks and quiet snacks, try to avoid anything really sticky, crumbly, or messy.

  • Dress your children comfortably

It may seem like such an obvious tip, but it is one that might be overlooked.

  • Talk to them

Discuss the aspects of the auditorium – the seats, stage, music, lights, etc.

  • Expectations

Set expectations for where your child is to sit, when it’s appropriate to clap, and if/when/how they can talk (whisper) if they need something during the performance.

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