Taking children to the London theatre

13 August 2019

Did you know taking your children to a theatre play can boost literacy and vocabulary, encourage communication, imagination and curiosity, and lengthen the attention span? Through theatre we are transported into the hearts and minds of the characters, recognising and understanding their actions and feelings which encourages communication and learning empathy – all within a constructed, safe environment. And of course it’s fun!

Theatre not only entertains and enchants the audience, it fires the imagination, giving children the skills, curiosity and creativity they need to understand the complex world we live in.

Having said all that, taking kids to a show for the first time can feel daunting, but it needn’t be. There are a few steps you can take to ensure your entire trip, and not just the show, deserves a round of applause.

  • Before heading to see one of children’s theatre London shows for the first time with your little ones, talk them through what they can expect. There are lots of exciting new experiences that await, from finding your seat to clapping loudly at the end.
  • Cover the basics so they’re prepared: from the simple fact there will be real people acting out the story in front of them, to explaining how the lights will be dimmed in the auditorium to let them know when it’s time for everyone to be quiet.
  • If you are worried your child will need the toilet mid-way through, then book an aisle seat to make things easier for you all.
  • Some theatres have booster seats for small children to sit on, although supplies may be limited. You could also bring a small cushion, or be prepared for children to sit on your lap so that they can see.
  • If your child would benefit from a more relaxed environment, Relaxed Performances are a brilliant option now offered by many shows and theatres. Designed primarily for people with Autism, sensory and communication disorders or learning disabilities, the show is specially adapted to be less overwhelming. There’s no pressure to be quiet or sit still and there will be a chill out room on offer.
  • Taking a snack into the theatre can help if your little ones do start getting restless. Make sure you choose something that won’t be too noisy or too messy to eat, and get it out of your bag beforehand so you don’t disturb other people.
  • Get there in plenty of time. You don’t want to arrive so early your child is bored before the show has even started, but equally, allowing time to show them the theatre – the stalls and the circle seats, the lights, the sound desk etc – will help familiarise them and hopefully make them less inclined to explore during the show.

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