Kids Theatre

Benefits of kids’ theatre

When it comes to family days out, the theatre might not be the first thing that springs to mind. But live theatre shows are really good for children – not just as entertainment, but in their development too. Here are some great reasons to get your little ones to a live show such as those on the Little Baby Bum tour.

  1. It helps you bond

Research by University College London has suggested that going to the theatre with your children will evoke similar reactions to the action and similar overall behaviour. This creates a sense of connection and attachment between parents and their kids and can promote or strengthen relationships.

  1. It helps kids develop emotionally

At a young age, children’s understanding of emotions is still developing, and the narratives of educational theatre help this process. Subjects such as love, friendship and even fear can be explored in kids’ theatre and the fun, safe environment helps children access these emotions effectively.

  1. It exposes kids to new experiences

While children’s theatre shows are often a lot of fun, with plenty of singing and dancing, themes that are unfamiliar can be introduced. This allows kids to think about subjects they may not have come across before, and subsequently discuss them with parents.

  1. It creates happy memories

Research conducted by Encore Tickets found that one in five children who go to the theatre talk about it for months afterwards. This shows that the experience creates happy memories not just for parents, but children as well, getting them interested in the arts from a young age.

To introduce your child to live theatre, why not book to see the Little Baby Bum Live tour? They’ll see all the familiar faces from our YouTube channel and have an experience that’s both positive and good for their development.